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The modular solution allows you to shape your SPINE concrete houses freely. Both the metric and interior design can be designed according to individual customer preferences. Prefabricated houses are characterized by freedom in arranging the space inside and outside the building.

SPINE technology allows us to build a modular house of any area from 1 module to any quantity.

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SPINE prefabricated houses

The technology of prefabrication of modular houses is widely used in Europe, and architectural concrete is currently gaining more and more recognition among Poles. This solution makes it possible to erect a building quickly, provides more durable solutions than traditional construction and low costs of use.

The components of the modular concrete house are prepared in the factory under special conditions and under the supervision of experienced specialists. The components are prepared very precisely, with great emphasis on details. SPINE are prefabricated houses with unconventional design.

frequently asked questions

  1. Why is it worth investing in a modular house?
  2. What is the price of a prefabricated house?
  3. How long does it take to build a prefabricated house?
  4. Is the building passive/energy efficient?
  5. How to insulate and heat concrete houses?
  6. Does a modular home require foundations?
  7. How about the interior/room layout?
  8. Is the prefabricated house durable?


As a company, we focus primarily on quality, the same applies to a prefabricated SPINE houses.

The second but nevertheless important reason for choosing our product is the quick realization – the raw state of the product is closed even up to a month of time.

The design, mentioned as the third one, might as well be in the first place. An unconventional dash by the architect Adam Paniak, made it possible to create an innovative project, although based on traditional solutions, and a modern one, although not losing the roots of a traditional home. The form of our building allows us to trap a piece of Scandinavia in the space of our own garden.

The cost of building a prefabricated house does not exceed the price of buildings constructed in conventional technologies. However, an additional, important factor should be taken into account – time. It turns out that the price becomes much lower than the prices of houses built in a traditional way.

The construction of prefabricated houses in SPINE technology, can not be determined otherwise than instant. The closed state together with insulation with closed-cell foam is built in no more than a week.

The concept of a passive building is a multidimensional term, the product of the technologies used in the building. Our solution fits perfectly with the ideas of buildings that minimize energy consumption, starting from the way of warming, through recuperation, way of heating, ending with photovoltaics. The SPINE modular house is to be an ecological house.

Our house made of concrete is insulated internally with closed-chamber foam sprayed by machine on structural walls. This solution allows you to get a positive thermos effect, with minimal energy loss.

SPINE modular houses use the most modern solutions in the field of innovative heating, namely heating foils and heating mats. These solutions ensure optimum thermal parameters at very low operating costs.

For simple ground conditions (non-cohesive grounds), it is required to replace the ground at a depth of 0.6-0.8 m with water-permeable grounds. The degree of soil compaction is~0.98. On the compacted soil, a levelling screed made of lean concrete about 10 cm thick.

Interior decoration, layout of the rooms, or even the division of the floors are a matter of individual arrangements. The BEWA prefabricated house technology offers a whole range of possibilities from a one-story house with a spacious high living room with kitchen, to a small two-story house with a comfortable arrangement of rooms.

It can’t be more durable! Reinforced concrete construction ensures the indestructibility of a prefabricated house. The constructed building will serve not one, but many generations of potential residents.