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The SPINE Loft modular house is our latest offer. After the success of our projects, we come with another flat roof option. The SPINE Loft concrete house is a one-story house, which will be a perfect place to live for smaller families who dream of their own house with a garden. This project, like all our proposals, is by definition an energy-saving project that will satisfy the most demanding residents.

The Loft version has been designed to allow residents to freely communicate and move around the rooms. It is an ideal house for open space lovers – a living room with a kitchenette covers up to 43 square meters! The biggest advantage of this modular house is its flat roof, which can be used to create a beautiful garden or put up insect hostels.

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SPINE prefabricated houses

The technology of prefabrication of modular houses is widely used in Europe. This solution enables quick building without the need to build foundations. It provides more durable solutions than traditional construction and low operating costs. SPINE are prefabricated houses with unconventional design.

The components of the modular concrete house are prepared in the factory under special conditions and under the supervision of experienced specialists. The components are prepared very precisely, with great emphasis on details.

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