zero-energy prefabricated house

what is a zero energy house?

A zero-energy building is a house with zero energy consumption and zero carbon dioxide emissions per year. The solutions used in modern construction are primarily to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and the emission of harmful CO2 to the atmosphere. This positive trend is gaining importance. To meet the expectations of our customers, we decided to join the fight for the environment. In zero-energy homes, energy comes from alternative sources such as solar and wind. It is important to simultaneously reduce the total energy consumption used normally in heating, ventilation and lighting systems.

The advantages of zero-energy houses, in addition to their positive impact on the environment, include large financial savings. An owner of the SPINE house is independent of the price increases for electricity and gas. It also means that a zero-energy house is a home without costs for electricity, heating or hot water. The ability to regulate temperature, heating, and hot water using modern systems and apps on a mobile device is also important for the convenience of using the building. An investment in an energy-efficient house also increases the market value of the building.

what solutions do we use in the SPINE houses?

We focus on proven solutions and new products that will allow us to maximize the potential of zero-energy-saving homes. In our projects, we use photovoltaic installations that convert electricity from the sun into clean, green energy. The use of renewable energy sources allows us to obtain a home independent of energy from external power suppliers.

The elements that we use in our SPINE houses allow for maximum reduction of energy consumption. Zero energy solutions include the use of insulation walls (U = 0.18 W/m2K) and aluminum joinery with triple glazing (U = 0.5 W/m2K). However, the most important factor is the use of architectural concrete as the main building material and the use of recuperation in our homes.