4 facts about prefabricated houses

1. Short construction time for prefabricated houses

Building a traditional brick house can take up to a year. In the case of prefabricated concrete houses, the construction time is much shorter and amounts to approximately 3 months. Why this difference? It is all thanks to modern technology. Prefabricated products, i.e. our concrete elements, are created in a closed hall and from there transported to the construction site. Thanks to the production in a closed room, the work is fast and efficient, and the weather conditions and the season are no obstacles to the formation of modules. Thorough preparation of materials takes about a month, and their assembly takes up to 12 hours!

The construction of prefabricated houses in the SPINE technology cannot be described otherwise than instant. The closed shell with insulation with closed-chamber foam is built in no more than a week. That is why prefabricated concrete houses are chosen by people who care about time and quality.

dom modułowy spine

2. Prefabricated houses are different from Canadian houses

Often, prefabricated homes are confused with Canadian homes. Although they have several things in common, more things differ. Both solutions indeed guarantee the speed of implementation, but they differ in quality.

First, the walls and structure of a Canadian house are characterized by a light and thin structure. Such a solution does not allow, for example, the installation of heavy finishing elements. This is a less durable option than a prefabricated house made of concrete.

The second, significant difference is the process of preparing the elements for building a house. SPINE prefabricated houses are made in a modern, specially adapted hall, and their production can take place regardless of the weather or the season. Prefabricated products are made very precisely – thanks to our technology, we can also implement individual projects without any restrictions.

dom modułowy SPINE dom pokazowy z prefabrykatów stolarka okienna

3. Energy-saving prefabricated houses

Prefabricated houses can be energy-efficient. The thermal insulation of the building is important in this case. With the appropriate location of the insulation, we are guaranteed to save energy and reduce heating costs.

The elements that we used in SPINE prefabricated houses allow us to minimize energy consumption. The energy-saving solutions include the use of insulating walls (U = 0.18 W / m2K) and aluminum joinery with triple glazing (U = 0.5 W / m2K). The most important factor is the use of concrete as the main building material and the use of recuperation in houses.

energooszczędny dom prefabrykowany

4. Durability and resistance to weather conditions

Not only brick houses are characterized by a durable structure. Prefabricated concrete houses are stronger and more stable than those made using the traditional method. The solidity of a prefabricated house is demonstrated by the quality and durability of the materials used. The reinforced concrete structure ensures almost the indestructibility of the prefabricated house. The erected building will serve not one, but many generations of potential residents. The SPINE prefabricated house will not be damaged by extreme weather conditions.

There is no doubt that prefabricated houses are the homes of the future. Their main advantages are the speed of construction, a high level of prefabricated production, and an original visual aspect. Are you thinking of building a prefabricated house? Contact us or fill out the free valuation form.

dom modułowy z prefabrykatów SPINE
dom modułowy z prefabrykatów SPINE