A zero energy modular house - the future of construction?

A zero energy house – what is it?

A zero energy house is a house with an annual energy consumption and production balance of 0 kWh/(m2-year). Energy is generated locally, e.g. by photovoltaics and fully covers the needs of the household members. Owners of zero energy houses often decide to build them because of the financial and environmental benefits. With a slight increase in construction costs they will reduce monthly maintenance costs. In this way, they gain huge savings and become independent of energy price increases.

A well-designed zero energy house is one where technology works well in practice and the effects of the applied solutions stay in the wallet. Before you choose a contractor, check his references and the technology he uses. If he has a show house, ask him to present it.

Modular house – the idea

The modular house is made from finished components produced in the factory. Prefabricated products are perfectly matched to each other, which allows to eliminate construction errors and thermal bridges. Thanks to this, the building is characterized by high thermal insulation parameters, short construction time and versatility.
You can read more about modular houses in this article: What is a modular house?

Similarly as in the case of zero-energy houses, building a modular house requires specialist knowledge and equipment. Therefore, it can only be erected by a construction company specializing in this type of construction.

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Dom modułowy zeroenergetyczny - przyszłość budownictwa?

A zero energy modular house is the future of construction

Why? Because a zero-energy house combines all the advantages of a zero-energy house and a modular house. By deciding to build it, your house will be:

  • warm
  • weatherproof
  • environmentally friendly
  • energy-saving
  • indestructible

And all of this you will get within literally a dozen or so weeks since obtaining the building permit. In addition, by choosing one of the SPINE projects, your house will be distinguished by its unique, modern design.

We have prepared 7 ready-made house designs differing in terms of size, appearance and layout. However, if you are looking for something unique and perfectly tailored just for you, our architects and constructors will create an individual design. You will decide on its size, shape or arrangement of windows and doors.

Get to know SPINE modular houses!

If you want an indestructible, solid building, choose a SPINE modular house made of prefab concrete elements. Get to know our project and fill in the free valuation form. Our representative will contact you and provide details of the offer perfectly suited to your needs!