How is a prefabricated concrete house made?

Do you dream of building a house, but are you frightened by the thought of looking for a designer and construction company and then watching over the quality of the work? We have the perfect solution for you – SPINE modular house, which we will build in less than 3 months. How is this possible? Read this article!

Stage 1: we choose the project

We start the construction of the SPINE prefabricated concrete house with a meeting with the customer, during which we present the show house and talk about the technology and materials used. The customer chooses the project he is interested in from our offer of modular houses. When the client makes a decision, we move on to design activities. At this stage, the client is free to choose materials, window and door joinery. They can use our proven solutions or decide on their own. When we determine the specification of the house, the scope of work and the final cost, we start producing prefabricated elements.

Stage 2: prefabrication of the house

We produce all parts of a modular house within 2 months. Work takes place in the production halls. A closed environment makes the production process much more efficient, which is why we build SPINE prefabricated concrete houses all year round regardless of weather conditions. Each element is made of natural concrete from our original recipe, which is not only famous for its high durability and tightness, but also stands out for its texture. Then the prefabricated elements undergo quality control. We check their execution, parameters and compliance with the design. At this stage, precision counts – all modules must fit together perfectly. When the whole thing is ready, it is time for assembly.

Jak powstaje dom z prefabrykatów betonowych?

Jak powstaje dom z prefabrykatów betonowych?

Stage 3: construction of a prefabricated concrete house

The construction of a house requires several conditions to be met: preparation of the land (by an external contractor or SPINE employees), a building permit, signing a contract and paying an advance payment. At a mutually agreed date we bring the modules and start construction (see video!). We start with the modules being the floor and walls of the house. Then we assemble the roof elements. The installation of windows and doors is done by a qualified company with which we cooperate. We insulate the interior of the prepared structure with spray foam. At this stage, we perform all works included in the contract.

The assembly takes 1-7 days. The prefabricated concrete house is ready for further finishing works.

Build a prefabricated concrete house with SPINE!

Modern form, fast construction time and low maintenance costs are the main advantages of our modular houses. Do you want to join the group of satisfied SPINE house owners? Contact us today!