What is a recuperator?

Recuperator – what is it?

A recuperator is a mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation system. Its task is to control air circulation in rooms and provide fresh air all year round.

Is the installation of this system expensive? Yes and no. As every system requires designing and installing, and this brings with it costs. However, this investment pays for itself quickly thanks to the low bills for heating the house (lower even by about 40%).

Na czym polega rekuperacja?

How does a recuperator work?

The heart of ventilation is the recuperator, to which the ventilation ducts are connected. Its power must be matched to the size of the building and the number of rooms. Otherwise, the interiors will be poorly ventilated and the recuperator will not fulfill its purpose.

How does the system work? Used and moist air from inside leaves the rooms through the exhaust points. Passing through a recuperator heats up the diffuser plates and then leaves the building through a launcher. The supply air (coming from outside the building) passes through the air inlet, heats up and goes inside e.g. the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom through the supply point. What is important, the exhaust and supply air streams go through separate ventilation ducts, so it do not mix with each other.

Advantages of owning a recuperator

The system has three great advantages that distinguish this system from the others. Firstly, it reduces the cost of heating the house by recovering heat from the “old” air. This makes a recuperator an obligatory element of equipment in energy-saving and zero-energy houses. Secondly, thanks to the mechanical ventilation system, the occupants breathe clean, filtered air. The supplied air is cleaned of dust, allergens and pollution from outside. People in a room with a recuperator system feel better – this is particularly important news for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Thirdly, the constant exchange of air makes it possible to maintain an appropriate level of humidity, which protects against humidity in the rooms and, consequently, against the formation of fungi and moulds. In recuperative rooms, laundry dries faster, and wet floors, mirrors and windows in wet rooms become dry faster after washing.

Using mechanical ventilation you do not have to open windows and ventilate rooms. In this way you will avoid noise, draughts, inhaling fumes and insects.

Na czym polega rekuperacja?

Recuperator in SPINE prefabricated houses

Thanks to the technology used in SPINE prefab houses we achieve the so-called positive effect of a thermos with minimal energy losses. In order to provide fresh, clean air regardless of the weather conditions and the house construction site, we offer our customers the installation of a recuperator. Thanks to this, our houses are airtight, warm and energy-efficient, and the occupants always breathe clean air.

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